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CSE Automate

What are we delivering?

Through ‘CSE Automate’ we’re working collaboratively with 22 forces to trial a range of technologies to automate DF systems, enabling remote viewing to speed up and simplify workflow around images relating to child sexual exploitation. Through the trials we’ll develop new capabilities which will ultimately be delivered by FCN as a service for its members.

What difference will it make?

We’re aiming to support forces to improve Digital Forensic Unit productivity by up to 20% and process an additional 40,000 devices nationally. This will mean faster access to evidence and alternative lines of enquiry, better investigative outcomes for victims and witnesses and improved public confidence. Crucially, automation will also reduce the exposure of colleagues in forces to CSE images.

How will the trials work?

  • Range of tech: we’re trialling a number of different technologies, including a single automated system orchestrating data processing and analysis and technology that replicates and automates the use of tools as part of a workflow 
  • Community tested: we’ll test technologies across three service development clusters, each featuring one or two host forces and a number of network forces which will help to shape workflows, improve methods, improve welfare and performance.
  • Regular reporting: we’ll regularly share what we’re learning from the trials with the wider forensics community 
  • Independent governance: a quarterly Service Development Board, headed by an assistant chief constable, will ensure appropriate governance and oversight of the trials.
  • FCN service: from the trials we’ll develop an FCN service including validation support, training and workforce development, a commercial strategy  and  future innovation.

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CSE Automate
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