No part of the forensic landscape is as fast-moving as digital. We’re working with the community to ensure Policing has the digital skills and tools to keep pace with change and ensure justice is served

New digital forensics programme

We’re part of the new NPCC digital forensics forensics programme which will be delivered in partnership with the Police Digital Service (DPS)

Nick Dean

Automation for CSE

We've provided expert advice and support to a project which tested the use of automation in investigating child sexual exploitation (CSE). The work was enabled by the Transforming Forensics programme and led by Greater Manchester Police, Lancashire Police and Derbyshire Constabulary. The project delivered extremely promising potential benefits around improved case processing time and reducing human exposure to distressing images.

Read more about the project here. A range of 60 documents including workflows, guides and training assessments are available to police forces on Knowledge Hub here

Total of 20 police forces involved

Cases processed 55% faster

Nearly 10 hours saved per case

Less exposure to CSE images

Rapid rape response

We've supported a £5m project to provide new frontline digital forensic tools to 22 police forces, led by the NPCC Transforming Forensics programme.

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