Part of the portfolio

FCN reports into NPCC forensic lead, Chief Constable Nick Dean, as part of the forensic portfolio. 

CC Dean chairs a vital Chief Constables Reference Group which steers the direction of FCN.

Chief Constable Nick Dean

Our governance

FCN is part of the NPCC Forensic Portfolio and reports into NPCC Forensic Lead, Chief Constable Nick Dean.

Everything we do is steered and commissioned by the community, which comes together through chief officer and forensic leader reference groups.



We're led by you

The forensic community is at the heart of how FCN operates.

You have your say on what FCN does through a Forensic Community Leaders Reference Group chaired by West Midlands Police's Assistant Director of Forensics, Michelle Painter.

This group is closely involved in decision making and influences what FCN does.

Michelle Painter

Our commissioning process

Everything we do is led by our community. We have a simple commissioning process to make sure this happens.

The forensic work we do is highly complex, but we make the route for you to commission it as simple as possible.

FCN commissioning