Evidence retention and storage

Guidance for police and private providers on how forensic evidence should be retained, stored and destroyed.

DNA good practice

Guidance on good practice in the handling and processing of DNA evidence, for police forces and law enforcement only via Knowledge Hub.

Digital forensic data management

Operational guidance for police forces on managing digital forensic data, available only via Knowledge Hub.

Data protection impact assessments

Guidance for police forces and private providers on the completion of data protection impact assessments (DPIAs) for digital forensics. 

Coming soon

We have more national guidance in progress on behalf of policing including:

  • NPCC lawful match guidance
  • Code of ethics for forensics
  • NPCC evidential drug investigation testing (EDIT) for police forces

Streamlined Forensic Reporting

We publish the national guidance on SFR and a suite of controlled templates and examples. Our SFR pages receive around 1,000 visits a month.

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If you'd like to discuss any of the guidance we publish or be part of the review groups which keep them up to date, just get in touch.