Quality services

We provide national coordination and give trusted advice to police forces to help them embed quality – whatever the discipline.




Accreditation support

Our team of former UKAS assessors help forces prepare for volume crime scene accreditation to ISO 17025 with mock assessments and tailored advice.


We've coordinated a national SARC consumable project validating forensic DNA grade consumables, involving all 55 SARCs in England and Wales.

Fire investigation

We're bringing together police and fire service investigators to validate and verify their activities through controlled burns and innovative VR technology.

Scientific research and guidance

We represent forensic science nationally. From spearheading scientific research to bridge the 'valley of death' between academia and policing – to publishing national guidance on forensic science for police and private providers.



Find out about FCN's research activities, get involved in one of our six research groups, and access fascinating research materials. For policing, academia and private providers.


We're the home for Streamlined Forensic Reporting. Access all your SFR guidance and templates here.

National guidance

Access all of FCN's national guidance on DNA, digital forensics, drugs and more. 

Commercial services

We connect private forensic providers and law enforcement. FCN manages several national contracts, coordinates issues and crises in the market, and has created innovative purchasing systems with BlueLight Commercial.


National coordination

We've been on call reactively for more than two years helping to tackle national forensic crises. From managing quality issues at a toxicology service provider, to managing a drug driving sample backlog.

Physical forensic contracts

We manage national contracts for policing on items like consumables and testing devices. FCN also helped create policing's first nationally available dynamic purchasing system for physical forensic services.

Digital forensic contracts

We run a national DPS for digital forensic services and are nationally coordinating NPCC's response to a digital forensic backlog of 21,000 devices.


We've built a thriving community which is developing policing's first forensic workforce strategy. Our initial focus is on wellbeing, recruitment and retention, and educating and training. 


Digital forensics

We support a range of digital forensics initiatives with quality, scientific and commercial advice.

Cyber van

Rape response

New digital forensics services, portable tech and tools, extra infrastructure and support to help forces improve their rape response.


Xchange is a new national digital platform for forensics hosted in the cloud.

CSE Automate

We supported a Transforming Forensics project with 22 forces trialling automation for child sexual exploitation cases.


We helped Transforming Forensics develop am end-to-end digital fingerprint capability for CSIs and fingerprint bureaux.


We've developed a national electronic quality management system (eQMS) to manage documents and workflows efficiently.