I have a BSc (Hons) degree in Combined Sciences and a PhD in Medical Genetics.  I worked as a forensic biologist for 12 years, specialising in blood pattern analysis at major crime scenes and latterly, in the development and management of the FSS’s Sexual Offences Service.  In 2010, I made a career move into operational policing, where I gained 10 years leadership experience in Scientific Support, including the design and implementation of police forensic science laboratory services. 

I can help you with…

I’m passionate about all things relating to forensic biology and DNA, from collection of evidence through to court reporting, and everything in between!

What was your first job in policing or forensics?

I started my forensic career in 1998 as a ‘fast-track’ Reporting Officer at the Wetherby Laboratory of the Forensic Science Service, where I specialised in body fluids and DNA. 

What is your favourite part of your role?

This role gives me the opportunity to connect with a much wider community of forensic practitioners and leaders in order to gather information, share best practice and think creatively about how we can evolve the future of forensic science for the benefit of everyone in the criminal justice system.

What work in your career have you most enjoyed?

I enjoy the challenge of cold case reviews – trying to find that all important ‘needle in a haystack’ with the potential to solve some of our most serious, undetected crimes through the application of new technology and novel approaches.