Forensic service providers are invited to enter their bid to be on the framework for the first ever national dynamic purchasing system for digital forensics services. The new system is a collaborative effort across policing, which will enable forces to procure services by February 2021.

The development of a national dynamic purchasing system (DPS) for digital forensics services was identified as a key requirement by the Digital Forensics Market Operations Group (DFMOG). 

This is the first stage in the process for the DPS to go live and will establish an initial framework of suppliers. From mid December, police forces will then be able to run further competitions with their contracts awarded by February 2021. 

The digital forensics DPS is a result of significant collaboration between the forces technical sub-group, lead force group, forces legal team, Forensic Science Regulator and Forensic Capability Network (FCN) team.

Its scope, quality standards and lotting structure were built by forces, for forces. The system is designed to deliver future digital forensic service requirements to policing and law enforcement and is fully endorsed by DFMOG. 

Using a dynamic approach will give policing and suppliers a flexible and agile framework, meaning new suppliers can join at any time and existing suppliers can apply for additional lots as they grow and develop new ways of working. It also allows greater and easier access to suppliers for policing, using standardisation and efficiency to benefit all.

Forces can build and amend their requirements continually over the DPS’s eight-year duration, encouraging suppliers to respond to their developing needs. It also provides an automated electronic process, with an entirely paperless system for both forces and suppliers.

The agreement allows suppliers to enter the framework covers many areas, including digital data retrieval, complex digital data retrieval, DF investigation and evaluation, DF case evaluation, and DF quality assurance, collection and delivery. 

Opening the DPS to suppliers, FCN’s Senior Commercial Manager, Paul Greaves, said:

“This is an eagerly anticipated advancement in digital forensics and a result of real teamwork across policing and suppliers. We’re confident that this national collaborative approach will give the quality, standardisation and agility demanded by policing. 

“FCN is here to help forces use the DPS and will work with members as an intelligent customer to ensure they can onboard and access the system in a way which works for them. If our members need information or support at any stage of the process, then I’d encourage them to get in touch with us.”

Suppliers looking to enter the framework can access DPS tender documents on the Bluelight e-sourcing portal here or on the GOV.UK contracts finder here. All communications from suppliers should be sent via the Bluelight portal to ensure openness, transparency and consistency of response.

If you are an FCN member and would like to discuss the digital forensics DPS, please contact us.