Digital forensics experts from police, government and the private sector have been brought together at FCN’s second Digital Forensic Supplier Forum.

Hosted in Birmingham on January 30th, the event was exceptionally well-attended by over 60 professionals representing 20 digital forensic service providers, giving a platform for discussion, updates and networking.

As well including updates from the Forensic Capability Network, the forum featured presentations from Thames Valley Police, the newly-formed Association of Digital Forensic Services Providers (ADFSP), Home Office, BlueLight Commercial, NPCC, and the Forensic Science Regulator’s (FSR) office.

A highlight of the day was the ADFSP’s comprehensive update, outlining their aims and objectives, and emphasising the collaborative efforts among private providers to benefit both law enforcement and the service providers themselves. This marks a significant development in the digital forensic space, with providers organising independently to channel their efforts in a more coordinated manner.

The FSR’s update on the new Code, which came into effect in October 2023, was well-received and provided greater clarity on the regulations. This emphasis on clear guidelines is crucial in ensuring standardisation and maintaining the integrity of digital forensic processes.

Another of the day’s key sessions covered research and development, and was led by FCN’s Shelley Wilson, capturing emerging issues and threats in digital forensics, as well as identifying areas for prioritisation and focus in the coming year.

Later in the afternoon, FCN facilitated lively debates and open discussions, enabling attendees to ask questions and engage in meaningful conversations with the panellists.

FCN’s Paul Greaves, senior marketplace manager for digital forensics, commented on the day:

“It’s great bringing everyone together, I think it really emphasised that the digital forensic community shares the same challenges. One of our aims is to recognise those common themes and share knowledge, which ultimately will help us understand current and future demand. Working collaboratively on this is what makes the positive impact.

“We’re really grateful that everyone gave their time and energy, and hopefully we’ve shown there is a real desire to continue these forums into the future.”

More events area available on FCN’s events page. If you have an idea for an online or in-person event, please contact us.