FCN has released a suite of new videos and written guides to help police forces get ready to meet the Forensic Science Regulator's (FSR) requirements from later this year.

Four videos are tailor-made for people holding different roles within police forces: senior accountable individuals, quality personnel, non-forensic teams, and forensic practitioners.

There are also two introductory videos on the importance of accreditation from NPCC Forensic Lead, Chief Constable Nick Dean, and the Forensic Science Regulator, Gary Pugh. View all the videos below or on our Vimeo channel.

The FSR's Statutory Code will come into effect on Monday 2 October 2023. This means that accreditation and compliance with quality standards will soon be a requirement for police forces, among other forensic organisations. 

The videos are accompanied by supporting documents which are available to download and share. Download the guides for senior accountable individuals, quality personnel, forensic practitioners, and non-forensic teams.

Introduction by Forensic Science Regulator, Gary Pugh

Introduction by NPCC Forensic Lead, Nick Dean

For senior accountable individuals

Download the guide for senior accountable individuals.

For forensic practitioners

Download the guide for forensic practitioners.

For non-forensic teams

Download the guide for non-forensic teams.

For quality personnel

Download the guide for quality personnel.